By Eric Nguyen, March 30, 2008



  1. Ian says:

    This is awesome. I know she’s a simple part of the drawing, but I really like the line work on Catwoman.

  2. eric nguyen says:

    Hey Ian,

    Appreciate it. Talk to you soon.


  3. shindy says:

    absolutely amazing. i love the crude,more realist take you have on the batman characters,rather than the cartoony,exaggerated style. and that is definetely the best bane i’ve seen!!much respect

  4. SEAN THORNTON says:

    Hey Eric,

    Just thought I’d drop line as I’ve just read gigantic 1. Loved the art and the story. I’ve been following your work since Strange girl, that was a wicked book.

    Looking forward to seeing more from yourself. I love the fact that your work isn’t cookie cutter. It’s very distinctive. The stuff on the blog is cool to, it’s shows your range!

    Do you take commissions at all?


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