By Eric Nguyen, April 1, 2008

Again another Cable image, this time a closer look at Marvel’s mutant renegade.



  1. John says:

    I really like that.

    So are you going to be working at your studio at all this weekend? I figured I might come bother you at some point so we can start to talk about your site.

  2. eric nguyen says:

    Hey John,

    How’s it going… Thanks man, and yeah when you have more time yourself, lets talk about the site.


  3. The new work is great so far, Eric. When are you putting up more of a portfolio? Also–are you coming to San Diego this year for SDCC? We’ll have to grab a bite if you do.


  4. John says:



  5. John says:

    Hey Eric, I saw the cover to Gigantic #1…holy crap man. Awesome stuff.

    Hope all is well. I’d still like to hang out and chat about a site when you have time. I PM’d you my cell on the Image board. Feel free to drop me a line when you have some free time.

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