January 21, 2015

A character that I got to design for issue 9, the premise of this dude was that he wanted to be killed only by X so he mimicked as much of his methods to taunt X into killing.  I was happy with how he turned out.


X issue 10 cover

January 21, 2015

This was the cover to issue 10 that I was able to do.  It was sort of on a quick turnaround but I think it still turned out not so bad. the grey scale line art I also liked the monochromatic red one but it really wouldn’t print well I don’t think as the cover. […]


Wondercon, signing and free posters.

March 28, 2013

If you’re planning on attending Wondercon this weekend, I’ll be signing for Dark Horse at 1pm this Saturday. Thanks to the nice folks at DH, I’ll have free posters (shown below) to give away and some other goodies to check out. If you’re at the con, please stop by and chat. I’d love to hear […]


X Vigilante Dark Horse

October 4, 2012

Here is a teaser of a great project I have been working on for Dark Horse.  It’s a reboot of   X Vigilante but this time far away from the spandex precusor.



September 14, 2008

This is a preview cover for GIGANTIC #2 from Dark Horse Dark Horse On sale Dec 10 FC, 32 pages Miniseries Mix in a planet- size stage, a Gladiator, some Bounty hunters, mystery revelations and a chainsaw, what do you have? A perfect episode of GIGANTIC. With the universe- controlling network known as the UBC […]



July 19, 2008

The Ultimate Gladiator Writer Rick Remender is re-teaming with “Strange Girl” co-creator Eric Nguyen for “Gigantic,” a new Dark Horse ongoing series scheduled for release this November ’08.