By Eric Nguyen, September 14, 2008

This is a preview cover for GIGANTIC #2 from Dark Horse


Dark Horse
On sale Dec 10
FC, 32 pages

Mix in a planet- size stage, a Gladiator, some Bounty hunters, mystery revelations and a chainsaw, what do you have? A perfect episode of GIGANTIC. With the universe- controlling network known as the UBC hot on his tail, Gigantic makes a desperate plea to the citizens of his homeworld to discontinue their support of the evil corporation that rules them. In a fight for the life of his brother, the mystery society at the core of the Earth is revealed.

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  1. JMRinguet says:

    Hey Eric

    I love this cover and I love your art in general. The stuff you are showing for Gigantic is so far absolutely incredible! Your linework combined with the coloring (especially the way you work with the values), the brushstrokes, the composition, it just crackles with energy. Excellent!

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