Halo:Helljumper issue 5

By Eric Nguyen, December 5, 2009

The final issue of Halo: Helljumper 5 came out last week Nov. 25.  All through this series I had the fortunate opportunity to do the coloring on the book as well, which ultimately I think produces a more satisfying printed product. You can scroll through to see the black/white pages adjacent to the final colored pages of interior art.


Click on the flash player below and click on the L/R arrows to scroll through preview images of interior art for this issue.


  1. Socco says:

    Hi, Amazing! Not clear for me, how offen you updating your shadedgrey.com.

  2. eric nguyen says:

    Hey Socco,

    Thank for stopping by. I don’t know what you mean by “not clear for me?”. Eh the template I use is not so friendly and I’m not savy enought to make it work for all browers. It works well in Google chrome and Firefox. I’m not so sure about all the other browsers out there…Shrugg. I try to update everyweek, but alot of the time I can’t show what I am actually drawing that week. But I do try…:) thanks again.

  3. Will Yuan says:

    Hey Vu,

    This is Will. Long-time no talk. I have something of importance that I wanted to contact you about but I lost my phone along with all my contacts. I forgot to back all my info up. Oouch that hurs!! Anyways hit back with your contact number.



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