Iron Man

By Eric Nguyen, December 11, 2009

Just finished up on an IronMan cover. This isn’t the final image, the final image has background elements to it as well as War Machine. Slide through the viewer below to see the layouts that were submitted.



Click on the flash player below and use the L/R arrows to scroll through the cover layouts.


  1. João Amaral says:

    I didn’t know your work, until I see your website. Now, I’m a follower, because I’ve became impressed with your drawings. It’s a pure delight for the eyes. And I know, I can learn something with your fantastic pieces of art.

  2. bill whang says:

    hey eric.. is this eric from art center trans? this is(might) be your old roommate bill.. if this is you, and it looks like your painter style, give me a holla at my email.

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