New Universal: Starr the Slayer

By Eric Nguyen, July 19, 2008

This is a snapshot from a Marvel book I just finished up recently. It is slated to come out in August ’08.

NewUniversal: Conqueror #1
The Story: Five thousand years ago, civilization was held in the mighty hand of the slayer called STARR , who defended his kingdom from all invaders.…” read more at



writen by: Simon Spurrier, art by: Eric Nguyen
colors by: John Rauch


  1. LittleMissGenius says:

    Hello, Eric! That Psylocke pic with her holding a gun, is it for a new comic book or was it just an ideia? Thanks! =P

  2. eric nguyen says:

    Hey little Miss Genius,

    No, sorry to say, that Psylock pic was just some image I did to promote myself with the chiefs over at Marvel, but yeah it would be amazing to do a Psylocke mini, lets hope they get the message than.

    thanks for dropping by and sorry for the late response just been under deadlines.


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