By Eric Nguyen, August 2, 2010


  1. bill whang says:

    yo eric.. its bill from seoul… looking very nice.. like the line work alot, its seem so much more fluid then before…very nice detail on the skirt… excellente.

  2. Grahame says:

    Hey, man! I feel totally lame for saying this, but your name caught my eye this weekend (I say lame because, being an artist myself, I feel like I should have known your work earlier). My wife and I were hanging out in B&N, and I read the Helljumper series book. Great stuff! I loved the story, but for me, the drawings always trump the story. Anyway, I found your blog, and I’m a fan of your work! I’ll definitely be following your stuff! Take care!

  3. eric nguyen says:

    Hey Grahame, thanks for the compliments! Ha read the book at B&N, yup I get my fill of magazines there all the time. So you are an artist as well? Shoot me a link of your work. I like looking at new stuff all the time, very motivating. Yeah I’ve been really busy the past few months, and have not been really posting as much as I should. Plus the work I have done hasn’t been published, However the first 2 issues have been solicited for March. It’s a book called Infamous and published by DC so look for that. Anyhow, thanks again and look forward to seeing some of your work as well.

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