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Eric Nguyen has been a staple of the comic book industry for over 20 years, working on every major publication and drawing classics such as Xmen, Batman, Hulk, Old Man Logan, Quicksilver, Sandman Mystery Theatre, Fables and many more.  R&B superstar “The Weeknd” personally chose him to draw his futuristic epic comic Starboy for Marvel Comics.  Eric also partnered with Rick Remender and co-created “Strange Girl” published by Image Comics and “Gigantic” published by DarkHorse Comics.

Featured work

Scott Burman-co creator

Scott Burman once ate a piece of chicken straight from the garbage can.  For the record, it was sitting in an unopened container on top of a heap of garbage, but even his wife doesn’t believe that story.  A tremendous comedic writer who’s written loads of unviewed but hilarious comedy skits for a once upon a time streaming website.  Scott continuously boasts a treasure-trove of unpitched scripts that would make even Lena Dunham blush.


concept art * comics * design

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